1. exceptionally good.

“the team’s outstanding performance”


excellent · marvellous · magnificent · superb · fine · wonderful · superlative ·

At our last Ofsted inspection, we were graded as Outstanding in all areas of our practice.

Comments from ofsted

“Leaders and managers are inspirational and display a clear drive for making ongoing improvements. The staff team work effectively together to provide and maintain the highest standards of quality and care”
“Children are extremely well prepared for their next stage in learning and move to school. Well-established partnerships with the school help to support children's individual needs and emotional well-being”
“Partnerships with parents are excellent”
“Staff are extremely motivated…”
“Staff are well qualified and have an excellent understanding of how young children learn... This helps to provide high-quality learning experiences for children”
“Children are valued as unique individuals. Staff consistently encourage children to consider the feelings and emotions of others. Children behave exceptionally well and display high levels of involvement in activities”
“Children make excellent progress in their learning based on their starting points. They are extremely well prepared with the key skills needed for their next stage in learning, including school”

Comments from parents